Dandy Lions

A summer poem
Ann Lyons

Golden patches with grasses they share.
Egg-yolk yellow, their faces once were.
Now snow like spheres floating in the air

Transported by mistake from afar;
It does not matter from where.
Their seeds dispersed over the air.

On them, many may declare warfare.
Hale and hardy, and abundant they are.
Weed killer’s defy, and leave a scar.

Runny noses, watery eyes beware.
Their summery presence makes one aware.
Season of allergies, to some unfair.

Vegans placing them on dinnerware.
To them, their leaves are extraordinaire.
Flavor for salads, make them great fare.

Children’s faces gleam and with awe they stare.
Their pleasure to gather a bouquetier.
With puffed checks blow upon the air.

Nature’s own fairies dancing laissez-faire,
Hovering on wings most debonair.
Waltzing to music only they can hear.


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